Website design…

After browing through some websites for other voiceover talent, I just spent 3 hours redesigning my voiceover website from this to this to, now, this. I would welcome any feedback on the formatting.


August 1, 2006. Chat.


  1. gaylepat replied:


    Nice job on your sites!! I actually like them both a lot, they show two really different sides of you. The new one is easy to understand and navigate, and you have a nice diversity of demos.

    Good work!


  2. susanberkley replied:


    You ROCK!! The new site is definitely better BUT I dont think the little girl characters are your brand. They say very young and cutesy which is not you. You’ve got a young sound, but a quirky depth with a kind of interesting goth edge.Kind of nouvou Christina Ricci Rethink the graphic. Its well done but not your brand. But the new site is very user friendly and unique. Demos are easy to load and play I like it. Your commercial demo is fabulous. Where did you record it? I would lead with the birth control spot. Its the best one on the reel. I also dont like describing style on sites. I think your demos should speak for themselves. The photo on site 1 is very cool, but too limiting, in general, I do not like photos on voice talent sites so you were good to take it off. HELP! Get I’m stuck in blogosphere and cant get out,,,gotta go to bed….keep up the great work…


  3. elizabethb replied:


    Thank you so much for your comments. They’re really useful and I’m going to work on incorporating them into the site as I can (i.e. I can kill off the style description immediately, and edit the demo, but it’s going to take a while to find new graphics. Although… I have some thoughts about using the creepier graphic I have on my actual physical demo CD Hmm… I can’t start it now or I won’t get the dog to the vet on time. I have a little OCD problem with site editing and it sucks in my brain). The commercial demo was recorded and produced at Edge Studios by David Goldberg.

  4. patrickfraley replied:

    How cool is this? Now I’ll have to spend some time coming up with something to say that’s not stupid. xox PF

  5. pgc4950 replied:

    This is great..I can’t believe that even “I” with my totally undexterous and inept computer skills have found you guys! It will be comforting to know there’s a place where,”everybody knows your name” to reflect, chat and VENT! So, since I do have this psychology thing going on I’d like to share (

  6. chavezguy77437 replied:

    oh thank god i dont have to sign up lol. i have like 50 invites still for gmail so if people still want one, just ask. my yahoo adress is <a href="mai Click

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